Bromley RFC Fundraising

How you can help

Fundraising events to help Bromley RFC

This season we are actively encouraging all our squads to work together to raise funds for the club
by helping to organise joint fundraising events at the club (i.e. there is no longer a fixed £400.00
target which many age-groups have fulfilled by passing this on to the parents in the form of ‘pitch
fees’), in order to:

  • Raise funds for the club – keeping subscriptions low and funding various clubhouse projects
  • Creates a positive, social atmosphere and integrates the various sections of the club
  • Introduces non-members to the club encouraging membership growth

The Events Committee, chaired by Ben Bromage, will help coordinate, market and assist to ensure a
range of events are held at the club throughout the season, though the squads themselves will plan
and run them.

Squads should collaborate to run events as “whole club” events, encouraging people from across the club and outside to attend. All profits raised at these events will go to the club.

Where do the funds go?

Over the past couple of seasons, we have:

  • Built new changing rooms, toilets and purchased a new boiler (repayments on-going)
  • Refurbished the club house hall
  • Rebuilt and refurbished the ladies toilets
  • Replaced the club house roof
  • Purchased new training floodlights on pitch 4
  • Facilitated the refurbishment of the club house kitchen
  • Carried out improvements to club car parks
  • Ongoing maintenance to the club house and grounds

Extra fundraising information for squads

Although the club provides all the necessities for each squad, age groups are welcome to continue to raise additional fundraising for themselves. Alternatives might be to open the kitchen during the Autumn Internationals, run an Autumn International or 6 Nations sweepstakes or a Xmas raffle. junior and senior squads are encouraged to help find shirt sponsors for the team kit.

Whatever you plan, please consider the following:

  • Hall Bookings are to be made with Sian Lawrence (Warman Steward)
  • Please confirm your plans to the Events Committee to avoid duplication or clashes
  • Squad funds are to be kept within the Bromley RFC Bank account managed by the Club

Club Contacts:
If anything is unclear or should you have any questions, please raise them with Nigel Wilson (Club Chair), Ben Bromage (Chair of Senior Rugby), Neil Kember (Mini Chair), Simon Carn (Junior Chair) or Ben Bromage (Events Committee Chair).