BRFC Numbers Club

Join in the fun

Fundraising with the BRFC Numbers Club

The numbers club was reintroduced in September 2014 with all profits being directed towards the club development fund. The numbers club has now reached a significant milestone – it has raised well over £25,000. All these profits have been passed across to the Warman Sports Club as part of the fundraising for the new changing rooms, toilets and heating system.

The club would like to express its gratitude to those members and friends who have purchased numbers – all of them have helped to raise these much needed funds, while some of them have benefitted from the £20,000 of winnings paid out so far.

Currently, we have over 200 numbers spread amongst around 100 members and friends of Bromley RFC. There is, of course, plenty of room for more people to join in and it would be particularly pleasing to see more friends and relatives of our mini and junior sections get involved. Ultimately it is this band of our membership who will get the most benefit from the improved facilities. Whilst the changing rooms have been completed and the hall and ladies toilets have been refurbished there is still plenty of scope for further improvements (e.g. resurfacing the rest of the car park, improved security) and profits from the numbers club will continue to be channelled into this.

Come and Join in the fun

For just £5 a month you have the opportunity of winning the £150 monthly prize or the bonus £1200 prize in December and April.  – Now that we have over 200 numbers sold there is an additional second monthly prize which is currently £50.

Join us to raise money, and get an opportunity to win these prizes.  And remember you don’t have to be a member of Bromley RFC to participate in our numbers club.